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Solar in Idaho

Quick Facts

National Ranking: 21st (22nd in 2018) .

State Homes Powered by Solar: 63,773 homes.

Percentage of State's Electricity from Solar: 3.31%.

Solar Companies in State: 50 (7 Manufacturers, 26 Installers/Developers, 17 Others).

Total Solar Investment in State: $631.45 million.

Growth Projection: 370 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 30th).

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Federal Tax Credit

Uncle Sam wants you to use clean energy, that’s why the Government is helping you out by paying for 30% of your system. Yes you read that right, 30%.  This incentive was initially scheduled to end on in 2015; but fortunately for us the program was extended to the end of 2019. It’s a double edge sword, you can take advantage of this incentive, but it wont last long!

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State Tax Credit

Idaho offers some of the best solar tax incentives in the country. When you purchase a solar panel system in Idaho, keep in mind these favorable tax incentives:

Residential Alternative Tax Deduction

With the Residential Alternative Tax Deduction, you can deduct 40 percent of the cost of your solar panel equipment and installation from your personal income taxes. You can also deduct 20 percent of the cost each year for the following three years after installation. The deduction is maxed out at $5,000 per year, or $20,000 total

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Idaho State Solar Policy Resources​​​​​​​

Idaho Public Utilities Commission - Learn about the governing body that regulates the electricity rates and services of Idaho public utilities

Idaho State Legislature - Track pending legislation affecting solar energy, locate and contact individual legislators, and stay up to date on current legislative issues in Idaho

Idaho State Energy Office - Find a wide variety of information on state government energy programs, policy, projects, energy-saving strategies and energy-related statistics

DSIRE Incentives Database – Idaho - Search a public clearinghouse for specific solar energy incentives in Idaho and across the United States