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Solar in California

Quick Facts

National Ranking: 1st (1st in 2018) .

State Homes Powered by Solar: 6,512,367 homes.

Percentage of State's Electricity from Solar: 19.02%.

Solar Companies in State: 2786 (480 Manufacturers, 1322 Installers/Developers, 984 Others).

Total Solar Investment in State: $61,104.51 million.

Growth Projection: 15,127 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 1st).

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Federal Tax Credit

Uncle Sam wants you to use clean energy, that’s why the Government is helping you out by paying for 30% of your system. Yes you read that right, 30%.  This incentive was initially scheduled to end on in 2015; but fortunately for us the program was extended to the end of 2019. It’s a double edge sword, you can take advantage of this incentive, but it wont last long!

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State / Utility Incentives

PACE solar financing: a leading CA solar tax credit

California has a great Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) offering in many cities and counties known as the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Financing Program. PACE financing allows homeowners to finance their PV installation and pay it back through their property taxes. In addition to the HERO program, there are also many county-specific versions of this program such as Sonoma County’s Energy Independence Program – make sure to investigate the incentives available in your county.

Net metering in CA

Though there have been some recent state battles involving net metering, this incentive is still available and is undoubtedly one of the biggest reason to go solar in California. In the Golden State, any solar homeowner will receive bill credits for their extra solar power at the retail rate from his or her utility. The capacity limit is 5 percent of aggregate customer peak demand for California's net metering program - a statewide incentive.​​​​​​​

Check out the top utility net metering programs in California:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)

Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE)

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)

Southern California Edison (SCE)

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California made history back in May when the California Energy Commission (CEC) approved a new policy that will require virtually all new homes in the state to incorporate solar energy starting in 2020. That history was cemented with the California Building Standards Commission’s (CBSC) unanimous approval of the CEC’s Title 24 energy code amendments. This was the final hurdle for a bold new policy proposal in a state that already leads the nation in solar installations, jobs and investments. SEIA was a leader in getting this proposal over the finish line, a culmination of more than two years of stakeholder engagement, developing technical requirements, market analysis and testimony.

The new policy will make solar standard in the Golden State, and should spark new jobs and investments.

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